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Investing In The Latest Technologies

Porters VAS System

Here at Porter’s Bodyshop we are leaders in the field of accident repair and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, well trained staff, and state of the art equipment and refinish techniques. The combination of these qualities has seen our business improve and expand our manufacturer approvals and technical equipment over the years.

Our Church Street headquarters in Portadown now has the new Car-O-Liner VAS 6528 Electronic Measuring System.  We also have a newly refurbished reception area that leads to the new indoor handover bay that is convenient for our customers.

This meets the goal of making the experience as easy as possible for those who have been unfortunate enough to have had an accident. The reception area holds our offices and a boardroom with glass walls, next to a clear view of the handover bay, so customers can see their car from the moment they walk in. This gives them the opportunity to mention any other minor blemishes they may wish to have repaired while in the workshop, for instance wheel repairs or minor scuff marks removed.

Alongside our new VAS 6528 Electronic Measuring System we have also purchased an Advanced Driver Assistance System VAS 6430 (ADAS).

The purpose of the ADAS is to regulate the radar sensor from Adaptive Cruise Control systems and also to calibrate the image sensor from the lane guard system.

The Electronic Measuring System VAS 6528, from Car-O-Liner, brings our bodyshop up to date with the latest technology, as we are the first independent bodyshop in Ireland to invest in this level of equipment.

The purpose of the EMS is to measure as many points of the car at once in order to create a repair plan and show the extent of the damage. The EMS can hold the database for every new car that is on the road, including, but not limited to, those that are manufacturer approved for Porter’s such as Audi and Volkswagen.

Having this level of equipment will help us generate more business. We now have an offsite Business Development Manager offering the service to smaller bodyshops, garages or dealers who haven’t this level of equipment at their own premises.

The purchase of the Electronic Measuring System VAS 6528 was well timed, as we are celebrating 27 years of business with Car-O-Liner.

Car-O-Liner’s Stuart Alexander recently stated, ‘On 5th May 1992, I was working with Car-O-Liner only two days, when I came to Porter’s and fitted my first bench here.’ Stuart is now the Managing Director of Car-O-Liner for the United Kingdom and admits he always looks forward to when he gets to work with and visit us here at Porter’s Bodyshop.